Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wooden Plank Subfloor

The second floor of our home is a large converted attic that we use as the master bedroom.  I'm fairly certain the carpet is from 1984.  It is disgusting, old, and stained.  I have seasonal allergies and after 2 years of dealing with whatever nasties live in that carpet, we are going to rip it up.

I pulled up a corner to see what was underneath 30 years of grit.  Turns out there were many layers of crap: carpet, padding, more padding, tile, underlayment, and wooden plank flooring that appears to be unfinished. 

We had planned on installing real wood ourselves, but this was a good find.  It will be a lot of work, but my labor is free. 

We have lucked out with our house-wood floors under all the carpet and decent bones in the house.  The yard has 6-10 inches of topsoil.  We had the unexpected expense of removing 2 storm damaged 70 foot tall silver maples this summer (thousands of dollars, and a crane and no, insurance does not cover that).  However, now I've got a sunny, no longer shady, backyard which translates into a larger vegetable garden for the next year.

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