Monday, April 11, 2016

"So...what do you do all day?"

I get this question a lot.  FYI, it's an incredibly rude question.  Dafuq do YOU do all day?

I do not leave my house to go to a place that pays me money to be there and do the things.  I teach piano 3 afternoons a week, in my home.  Luckily, I do not have to leave the house to go to a place that pays me to do the things.  Instead I do the things that need to be done in my house and yard during the week and there is very little for anyone else to do at night or on the weekends.  Because I did the things during the day during the week. 

My house is very clean.  Not just "tidy" or "organized" but it is damn clean.  The only house cleaner than mine that I have ever been in is my mom's and that's only because she is a militant cleaner.  However, she is a collector and has a lot of stuff all over the place.  She would say it's artfully arranged and home-y.  I rebelled by detesting collections displayed all over my house.  She once came over and found dust on top of a door and I heard about it for weeks, so there you go...I clean daily.

I do not have laundry that piles up.  Laundry always gets done on Mondays and Thursdays.  Add in another day if I'm washing bedding or curtains.  I hang everything but towels either outside or in the basement.  I'd hang towel but the hubs doesn't appreciate the exfoliating benefits of line-dried towels.

I make 250% of our food from scratch.  Okay I made that up, but I cook almost exclusively from scratch except for things like the frozen pizzas that the hubs brings into the house that I don't actually even bake so I'll go back to "I make 250% of our food from scratch."  Making 250% of our food from scratch takes some time but it's healthier than that Roma pizza the hubs keeps buying.  I think cardboard is healthier than those pizzas...

I also grow almost all of the fruits and vegetables that our family eats during the growing season.  "Almost" because I haven't figured out how to grow bananas in Wisconsin.  What we don't eat gets dried, frozen or canned and we eat that until it runs out and then I relent and buy stuff at the store.  So all of that planting, weeding, harvesting, and preserving takes a couple of minutes each day from May-October.

Sometimes, I sit on my butt and get lost on the intertubes.  The interwebs are full of odd things and I can't always look away.  I also don't try very hard to look away so that's on me.

Grocery shopping, toilet paper buying, pharmacy pick-ups, I do all that during the day.  Occasionally I have to go to a store after supper and just yuck.  No thank you.  They're full of cranky parents and cranky kids.

Once all of those things are done, then I might go for a run or work out.  Most of my errands can be done on foot, which takes more time than driving maybe but that counts as exercise.  If I have any more time, I'll paint.  Sometimes, I even manage to fit some volunteering in.

Which brings me back to the "What do you DO all day?" and the ever helpful follow-up of folks wanting to "help" me be a "productive" member of society.  If you ask me that, I'll probably answer with something like "Oh a lot of things..." but know that I'm thinking "F off you sanctimonious bastard."