Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Urban Garden Plans 2016

I spend most of January and February researching, okay, dreaming, about my gardens.  The seed catalogs have arrived and the seed packets have arrived and I've even begun some seeds.  Herbs, only, as they take so much longer to get started than tomatoes and peppers. 

We've decided that this year, our third in this city lot, we will build a 3 by 20 foot raised bed on the south side of our white garage.  It gets sun most of the day and is a somewhat unusable space for anything other than storage. Tomatoes should do really well there. 

I've already enlisted the help of my mom, a landscape designer, in how to change the lawn on the south side of my driveway into a very very VERY long, 3-4 foot wide garden bed.  I told her I plan to plant two apple trees, a couple of lilacs and perennial herbs in it but need her help choosing perennial flowers and possibly more shrubs or grasses.  Luckily for me, her suburban yard is basically a nursery and most of the plants will be free.

It's important to me that my front yard, even if it has vegetables growing in it, look nice.  I'm an artist and I hate ugly-to me it denotes sloppiness and/or laziness.  If it looks wrong, whether it's a paint color on a wall or a shrub next to the house, fix it and start over.  That means you, neighbors, who call Kentucky blue grass gone to seed and creeping charlie your front yard "prairie". 

It may only be 5 degrees outside (gross) but my hands are already itching to get into the soil.

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