Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Blahhhhhh

Winter came late this year, not arriving until after Christmas.  However, with a windchill now of -16F, it feels like it's been here a long time.  At least it's sunny?

I ordered seeds from the Jung Garden Center catalog.  It's a somewhat local seed company that also has several garden centers in my state.  More herbs this year, more vegetables, more gardens.  Always more gardens in every yard of every house we've owned.

January and February are my quiet months when I slowly go crazy from mostly indoor activities.  December, which is often cold, is full of holiday plans and baking to keep my mind occupied.  January is just cold.  That's garden planning time.  There are plans for two more large gardens this spring: the south side of the garage (3 x 20') and the south side of my driveway, which is even longer...I have no idea how much.  I could measure it now, but it's' -16F windchill so that's not going to happen.

The garage garden will be a tomato bed this year, with other veg planted in it.  The driveway bed will mostly be for privacy from the rental next door.  It isn't an eyesore by any stretch of the imagination, but adding some height with fruit trees and interest with small shrubs and plants will give our house the illusion of privacy. My mom was given the task of designing that bed.  She's a landscape designer, so it'll look fantastic.

The only other activity I have going on, besides garden planning, is teaching piano.  Three afternoons a week of teaching does not take up much time.  Every year I hit this time and am adrift, trying to be productive. I love being outdoors and digging, so learning patience is probably good for me.

How do you get through the cold days of January?