Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September in the City Garden

There is just not a lot going on in my gardens right now.  Still cutting herbs and drying them.  Still getting eggplants and peppers.  The tomatoes had an abrupt end when they got late blight on them.  Major bummer. 

Most of my work the past few weeks has been drying, freezing and canning the harvest.
In the make-shift root cellar

  I usually have twice as many jars of canned goodness.  Going from a large sunny yard with over a dozen raised beds, 4 which were 4 by 20 feet, to a mostly shady backyard and a smallish front garden has simply made for a smaller yield.  Next year, I'll till up a 4 by 20 foot sunny patch on the south side of my garage.  Yep, I'm already planning next year's garden...