Thursday, May 29, 2014

We've Moved!

After a loooong hiatus, I am back at gardening and blogging about it. We sold our house to people who looked at it before the sign was in the yard, accepting an offer in 4 days. The house we bought, got mostly gutted (it had been a rental) and is in the city, closer to my husband's office.  Today he biked. 

I spent the morning wrestling a 20 year old barberry bush out of a flower bed.  There are two flower beds in the entire yard.  They flank the front door.  They are FULL OF THISTLES.  One of these beds will become a dedicated vegetable bed as it has more than six continuous hours of sunlight, unlike my new backyard which is mostly shade.  I'm also spending the day sketching where the sunlight and shade hit the backyard at various parts of the day.  I'm going to till it tomorrow and would like to have some sort of clue as to where plants like carrots, beans, and peas might actually do well. 

So far I have planted two currant bushes that seem to really like the dappled sunlight and late afternoon sun.  They've doubled in size.  I'm going to hunt for some fruit trees tomorrow;  it's not the best time to plant trees, but there really is no bad time to plant trees.  Those will go in my somewhat mostly shaded backyard as well for food in a few years, as well as for privacy, eventually.  My plan is to slowly get rid of a lot of the grass in the backyard.