Friday, June 7, 2013

Eating from my backyard starting on June 1st has been a giant bust.  Our spring has been colder and wetter and more overcast than normal which means my gardens are way behind.  As I type this, it is overcast and cold on my girls' last day of school-a heck of a depressing way to start the summer.  I've amended my original intent to eat out of my backyard for just some of the day or part of a meal-I've been limited to salads now that the asparagus is done.  I am so sick of salad.  I may have some strawberries soon, not many, but at least it's a fruit.  I've been relying on rhubarb for fruit.  I still have some fruit and veg that I canned last year but I'm down to just a handful of jars.  I can see why people used to call spring the starving months.  Sigh.