Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Busy Spring

My suburban homestead last May

Due to the extra long winter, I have been incredibly busy this spring, which explains my absence from blogging.  Happily, everything is green once again and my gardens are ready to go.  If you want to see more frequent pictures and postings, like my Facebook Page: Happy Goddess Gardens

We will be putting up rabbit fencing and electric fencing this weekend.  I live next to a very large city park that consists of more than baseball fields and playgrounds.  There is also a large natural area and some acreage that is farmed.  This means I get to see lots of wildlife, even in the city; however this also means that a 30-40 head herd of deer like to mow down my veggies if I don't keep them out, hence the electric fence.

This year is a "step back" year for me.  We plan to put our home on the market next spring and move into the real city around here.  My husband is tired of the commute and wants to walk or bike to his university office, and I want chickens.  Next June, our 2nd daughter graduates from high school and the next fall her younger sister starts high school, so it's a good time for a transition.

I had thought I wanted to live in the country on acreage but after spending a lot of time this past year in the country and in large cities, I realized that while I love the idea of country living, the realities of it would likely drive me bonkers.  I'm not ruling it out as a future possibility, though.

So "stepping back" means I'm going to let my garden and yard be for now.  I'm still planting an obscene amount of plants in my gardens and I'm still going to preserve what I can, just no new improvements.  I'll save that for the next place.

Happy Gardening!